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Title: To All SFMA Members: Important Info On Posting And Picutres At SFMA
Post by: TrekWorks on October 13, 2013, 03:55:08 am
Hello All,

I want to notify everyone that there is an important new addition to our rules of conduct area which everyone needs to be aware of.
Please read the Rules of conduct and specifically line number 7 which pertains to posting build logs and pictures here on the boards.

See the Rules of conduct here:

As you may know, SFMA is expanding into other avenues on the net. As such I will be publishing content from here on our Google Plus page and also in our upcoming SFMA Webcast Show.  The build logs and pictures of your works are an important part of the forums and will help to attract new members and allow for a look at what we are about here to the public.

I respect each member here and if you do not wish to have your pictures or logs re shared I will of coarse respect that wish with no animosity. If you do not want to re share your logs or pictures, please send me a PM here.

Thanks everyone :)