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Title: Moebius 1:4105 TOS Battlestar Galactica buddy build
Post by: greg on February 13, 2018, 08:34:21 pm
I've begun a YouTube buddy build with my imaginary friend Steve, aka SMKR. He's only done a teaser on his channel ( so far. We'll be building this kit together this year. Here is my first build video.

I will be using the Paragrafix photoetch set and its corresponding decals by HDA, the replacement nose and bridge from Shapeways, warm white LED tape and SMDs from HDA, as well as some shuttles from JT Graphics.

I think on the original studio model of the Galactica, there were fibers sticking out of the bridge for lights. Then those fibers were cut, leaving protrusions. The Paragrafix photoetch set is made to lay on top of the kit's stock bridge part and then drill through the holes in the brass for sticking fiber optics through. However, I am using the Shapeways accurized bridge, and it provides no help as far as lighting goes. It replicates those protrusions but I can't really drill through them in hopes of threading fibers through. I think I will just have to light block the piece, then scratch off the surfaces of those protrusions to allow the light to shine through. The Shapeways material is transluscent, which is good for refracting light, however I am not sure if it will allow the bridge lights be bright enough. The kit has two holes in which the standard bridge fits into. I think I shall use those holes to feed the SMD wires into since not cutting a hole will provide a surface for the SMDs to mount onto. I'll use epoxy glue to secure them into place. I have some 0402 warm white SMDs, but I think I will order some larger ones. I want to have one facing forward, and the other two facing port and starboard.

Interstellar Modeler did a build video series of this kit ( and he used fiber optics to light it up. I saw Trek Works Boyd's build of the old Monogram and he just used light tape and filled in the drilled holes with canopy glue. That is what I plan to do.

I've recently started a Russian Flanker YouTube group build that will be kicking off in March, and I've also entered a Yugoslavia group build too. Gosh, and I also have that Star Wars group build on Scale Model Addict's forum I need to finish as well. Nuts. I'm too busy.
Title: Re: Moebius 1:4105 TOS Battlestar Galactica buddy build
Post by: Vicenter on April 24, 2018, 12:04:01 am
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Title: Re: Moebius 1:4105 TOS Battlestar Galactica buddy build
Post by: greg on April 26, 2018, 11:02:52 pm
Yeah, I have not touched this build since January, unfortunately. I'm doing a few group builds, and I also want to finish a car model for my father before Father's Day. I'm hoping to get back to this Galactica build sometime in June.