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Title: Another Old Newby
Post by: homyakchik on April 25, 2018, 06:52:35 pm
Joining up because I've been watching Boyd's Trekworks videos on Youtube for a few weeks and figured I had to join up just to see what all the fuss about SFMA was about. :)

Been a modeler since I was a kid (proof to this exists. I found a box a few weeks back with a couple of really hideously-assembled Enterprises and a half a Klingon D-7, the first models I ever put together. Put together before I ever saw an episode of ST, too; we were living in Germany at the time. Still, those old models are being repurposed well now as battle-damaged editions), and have done it on and off since then. Really got into it back around the turn of the century with the re-release of the Zoids line (love Zoids and Z-Knights), and now am enjoying kitbashing and semi-scratchbuilding. My wife complains that now I've reached the stage where I look at everything as "possibly a model part." :)

Oddly enough, not much into ST kits, although planning on building one apiece of a 1/350 Destroyer and Dreadnought, pre- and post-refit (the 1/650 and 1/1000 scale ones are just good practice). Looking forward to seeing what others are doing, ST and non-.

Title: Re: Another Old Newby
Post by: Palacioz on May 10, 2018, 04:43:33 am
How to bring knowledge to the forum in this way?
Title: Re: Another Old Newby
Post by: homyakchik on May 17, 2018, 08:09:31 pm
I suppose I'll just have to see if I see a question asked that I think I know the answer to, and post it. If someone else comes along and posts a better answer, I'll try and learn from it. :)