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General Discussion / Re: New Acquisitions
« Last post by ImWolf on Today at 02:43:42 pm »
Just received 6000m, yes 6km (3.7miles) of 0.5mm fibre guide!!!

Could someone please post the link to this product.....  I found the same quantity of .5mm FO at Alien Factory, but it's $100 and not exactly what I'm looking for so I would like to see about multi strand cables if they have any.

Hey Steve this is where I got my 555 timer pcb's from. Just add parts.

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: AMT Command Bridge Build
« Last post by Tankton on Today at 02:04:17 pm »
Good idea. I didn't have any velcro at the time or I might have tried that also. It would make it easier to do repairs.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: Klingon Bird of Prey - LIGHTING
« Last post by Spencer on Today at 12:01:39 pm »
Really nice work Spencer.  Thanks for posting your code also.

No problem!

While I wait for more (of the right) metal tubing to arrive for the disruptors, I refined the circuit schematic. The code is unchanged from before.

I'll work on some assembly, light-blocking and greebles soon, but the disruptors have become my priority now that I have what I think is a decent plan.

This also arrived in the mail Saturday. It's a socket for using SMT parts on a breadboard.

I had a sketchy way of programming the ATtiny85 on the PCB, but these sockets spoiled me when I was a student, so I broke down and bought one.
Should be making use of it in the future. Here's where I got it for those interested.


Hopefully soon ...


Members Model Gallery / Re: 1:1000 D7 Romulan Capital Ship
« Last post by Spencer on Today at 11:48:44 am »
Members Model Gallery / Re: 1/537 Klingon Battlecruiser (D-7)
« Last post by Spencer on Today at 11:48:27 am »
Looks great!

If I wasn't trying to avoid a TOS kit for a while, I'd probably build mine.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: 1/1400 AMT Enterprise-C (So it begins)
« Last post by AlW on Today at 11:40:43 am »
Steve, here's a really good site for 555/556 timer circuits.  There's a bunch of "already configured" applications, but also instructions and tips on what you can connect to the outputs and how much load you can put on them.  Hope this helps.  Al

Nice lights and saucer Steve.    Making some great progress there for sure.

James, your drill outs (windows) look great! Keep going!

HMMM, but my post cut off :(  Lookas like certain characters cause a break in the post, not sure why :(
I had the same problem and it drove me bonkers. It was the apostrophe. I had copied text from a different source and instead of the straight up and down apostrophe, it was the curved one. It's a different ASCII code and the software here doesn't recognize it. Be careful, and I am sure the curved quotation marks will do the same.

To further the discussion - if you write anything in MSWord, for example, most of the special characters will cause the complier to freakout and drop anything following the special character. I've taken to writing most things while online to avoid any dropped messages, posts, and thoughts. Be careful here as well, if you have been logged on to long and then try and post - it will error out and drop your post, too!

Awesome site! But use at bloggers risk!  ;D ;D

G'Day all!

This will be a quick update - nothing monumental.

Really nice work on the windows, Steve.  Threading a strip of sandpaper thru them?  Wow, that's a technique I hadn't considered!  Watching with interest!

Thanks, Al! Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Thanks for hangin out! I will need your and other electronics gurus help in sussing out the electronics - although they will be more complicated than anything I have built before.

This has so much more detail than the 1/2500, what with the panel lines and raised escape pods. 

Yeah, I'm impressed with detail in this thing, too! I will be trying to add a "few" extra details without going Protector crazy!

Ok, you said...

As for how to do the windows off/on, I have a possibly difficult (or perhaps just painstaking) solution.  Drill them all out....

...and my mind went into overload!  "Drill out al...ALL of them?! Surely you jest?!" ;D ;D ;D ::)

Your suggestion sounds like the best way to do the "off" windows but I may still stick with the "paint them in". Although, I may use your suggestion on the 350 TOS Enterprise I will build in the near future; so thanks.

I broke another drill bit (0.50mm), I thought I could avoid it, while working on the B/C deck. So, I ordered some more Tungsten carbide dental burs which SHOULD arrive Wednesday.

So until then, I worked on my light scheme. Here is a pic of the breadboard - with switch and 12V power supply plugged in.


Rows 1-5 will be the primary hull window lights
Rows 6-10 will be the formation lights (with Fiber optics)
Rows 11-19 will be the secondary hull window lights
Rows 23-24 will be the Deflector Dish light (5mm)
Rows 26-44 will be the Starboard Engine lights
Rows 45-58 will the the Port Engine lights

I know the single red, white and green will be connected to the flasher unit for the formation lights, but I have to figure out how to connect them. Tankton kindly gave me the schematic below and I have a 556 Timer circuit to play with, so I will be baby-stepping through how to connect this up. I want to try and put it on a circuit board eventually, but I will have to test it out on the breadboard first...ya know...after I learn how to read a schematic.  ::) ;D


As always, tips, suggestions, and recommendations are always appreciated!
Thanks for reading and commenting.

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