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Modelers Questions Board / Re: DS9 RUNABOUT Re-released
« Last post by LynnInDenver on February 20, 2019, 08:35:06 pm »
It's out. It's been modified for the standard Polar Lights base (basically a mount hole in the bottom). It comes in Medical Light Blue plastic. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same kit.
Hey guys and galls, guess who's at it again making his life harder than it needs to be?       Indeed Me!  ;D

After having build my Voyager Mk2 (off which you all still deserve the video of the final unveiling but that later) i stopped model building for a short while and focussed myself on the 3D printing aspect of my life. I sold my homebrew machine and opted to get 2 original Prusa machines one with the multi material upgrade, to fully invest into the 3D printing world and even demonstrated 3D printing at a local hobby fair in my country. Having printed and build all sorts of smaller projects, (non scifi related) life was good.

And then a few weeks ago the Orville came back with the second season and being a fan of the show i started watching and again wishing there would be a model to build to shine next to my Voyager on the dresser. So i wen't searching and remembered an old topic from here stating a resin kit was in development, so i followed up on that and found that it had come and gone. No stock, a much higher price then i was willing to pay for it and the real let down, the engine loops could not be lighted as they were solid.  :(

Well a few weeks past since the search and i had all but given up. Thingiverse had a few models of the Orville, but only one was good looking and even then it was not perfect as the description stated. Also i had started my "career" of model building with a 3D printed Runabout shuttle, and to be honest, i liked it for the time, but if i would make an Orville ship, i wanted it to be lit up like Voyager. So not only engines and nav lights, i wanted interior lighting as well.  :-\

Still i could not let it go, this itch was not going away...      I need to do something and like with finding a way to motorize the pylons, need to find a way to make a model of the ship, with lights in the engine loops, interior lights and nav lights. So far in my research i have not come across any anti collision lights on the Orville, and also the nav lights are static. So not much animation going on unfortunately.

"Building the Orville"

My goals for this project:
- Print a high quality model with as much detail as possible with FDM printing
- Light up the interior (windows)
- Light up the nav lights on the side of the main hull and middle engine loop
- Light up the 3 quantum drive units on the enige loops
- Power it of mains but have the ship detachable, like my other builds
- Size : about 48 cm long (18,9 inch)

After first printing a small 27 cm (10,6 inch) test model to see how detailed the thingiverse design was i quickly noted that i needed to scale the ship up to a larger size for the final build. Also i would need to hollow out the ship somehow and need to do something about the engine loops, as these are really thin and there is no way led tape is going to fit in there. And this was a real bummer for me, because until now i wanted to use addressable led's like with Voyager, to try and animate the going to quantum speed of the Orville in the show. No never going to happen, so net best thing, just light them in static mode.

My first attempt at hollowing out the model is based on the print settings. Instead of using an outer shell of 0.8 mm and an infill of let's say 20%, i opted to go with a shell of 4 perimeters or 1.6 mm thickness and 0% infill. For this to work, i cut the model into pieces that would need to be glued together like a normal kit build.

The windows i then drilled out manually with a hand drill, but i have to say i don't like the way the windows turned out, as first off all they are round, and on the show they are square. (and PLA plastic is harder to cut or file into squares then styrene) Also my placing of the holes is a bit random in places, so its not nicely aligned as i would have liked.

For the engine loops, i could not use the 0% infill method, as this would still result in a closed section instead of the grills look. So i tried some software to modify the STL model and hollow it out that way, and then redesign the grille to be open. Doing this was.a pain in my back, and in the end it did not work as i wanted. The idea was to place 2 blue led's one on each side of the grille and illuminate the entire section, but this gave almost no light. (i used a 0805 smd led to test, as this is the only type small enough to go inside the loop.

Design version 2 for the loops, resulted in me getting rid of the grille for now and just making a cavity to glue 6 smd led's in place inside the place where the grille will be located. The wires then run down the loop into the body. The new grille's i want to print from blue translucent petg plastic, like in my 1:1000 enterprise refit build and they will then cover the 6 led's and try to defuse them at the same time. No idea yet if this will work.

As for the windows, i already told you i don't like what i have so far, but to get this better, i will need to hollow out the main body and then modify the design files themselves to cut out the windows like i did with the engine loops. And i am for now not sure if i will be able to get this done.

For now i want to leave you with some pictures of the progress so far. Including the hand drilled windows that i "hate" and one section of the loop that has the 6 led's in place. but not lit up yet. As there is no grille to cover it for effect.

I will keep you posted on this new and barking mad endeavor.

And as always, have questions, tips comments. Post them i love to hear from you all.

Greetings, Spekkie. (Patrick)

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 1/350 Enterprise Refit build.
« Last post by Father Cool on February 20, 2019, 05:07:58 pm »
Don't worry, it took me 9 years to get to where I am with mine. Life just gets in the way sometimes!
Just joined? Introduce yourself here / Re: Lets see if I did this right
« Last post by Shawn McClure on February 20, 2019, 04:09:41 pm »
Welcome to the group Alan.

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 1/350 Enterprise Refit build.
« Last post by Shawn McClure on February 20, 2019, 03:53:40 pm »
Thank you  Karve.  I just wish I had move time to dig into this thing.  I'm having a blast though for sure.

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 1/350 Enterprise Refit build.
« Last post by karve on February 20, 2019, 02:39:58 pm »
Looking good so far Shawn! This is a long build and you're taking the right approach. Just keep plugging away at one thing at a time and you'll get there!

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 1/350 Enterprise Refit build.
« Last post by Shawn McClure on February 20, 2019, 01:58:14 pm »
Looks really good.  I think I'm happy with the copper.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you are going to use FO for the windows on the gator head; right?!
No. I decided against using FO in the gator head windows because they would be unrealistically bright in my estimation. Have a look at the first thrid of the thread....I go into my dilemma in pretty good detail there.  ;)

What are you going to do for the wash?

I got all kinds of great advice on washes etc to use, and I will look into them for later builds. However, for this one I'm probably going to look into some Valejo washes or make some of my own with thinned paint. Hopefully I'm not gonna screw it up.  ::)

Here are a couple more pictures of what I've been up to today. I got the wiring completed in the main hull...forgot to take a picture of it  :-[  ... and then glued the two halves together. She's really starting to look like the old girl now.  :)
55 glued body 2 by Kev C, on Flickr
54 glued body 1 by Kev C, on Flickr

Tomorrow I'll get the gator head hooked up and glued on and then I'll be ready to tackle the clear coat and the first wash. I'm going to my hobby shop on Saturday so I'll see what I can find.
  I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at doing a wash and the dry brushing. I've seen so many mind blowing results from people who are good at it I'm anxious to give it a go!

Thanks for looking!
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 1/350 Enterprise Refit build.
« Last post by Father Cool on February 20, 2019, 01:39:35 pm »
Nice work Shawn. I've still to finish off mine. I didn't go all out gold on the nacelle intake, instead I did black with a dry brushed gold over it. You can see it on this pic.

A bit less in your face I think. Just my opinion for what its worth. As you say it seems you can paint this baby any colour you like. Mine certainly isn't the colour I was planning it to be!!
Some of my noise level research:

Average dB Recordings

eBay Short Shaft Motor similar to Pololu (12V, 100 RPM)
- 66 dB

Sayama 12SM-AT3 (12V, 58 RPM, Electronic Goldmine stock #G16300)
- 56 dB

Faulhaber 1524E006S123 (6V)
- 48 dB
- noticeably quieter than the other two; less motor whine
- length & diameter of motor requires reworking the pylon attachment

You want a low RPM motor, no greater than 100 RPM. My board will let you adjust the speed as you like . You can get the same motors Pololu has on eBay.
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