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Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: 1/1400 Olympic Class USS Pasteur by Starcraft Models
« Last post by manu on November 22, 2017, 12:22:50 am »
Good memory, Steve. I did build this model before this

It's not a mediacal ship, but of course bears resemblance with the ball in front.

I got the Pasteur to accompany the All good things Enterprise thats also in my stash.

Thanks for your kind words. Appreciate it.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: 1/1000 D7 Romulan Capitol Ship (Painting ...)
« Last post by Spencer on November 21, 2017, 11:21:08 pm »
Spencer, you're making me want to build one of these!


Thanks man ...

Aside from its issues, it's really a nice little kit to build. I have three more in the stash.  ;D
I, of course  ::), am making the paint job a bit more difficult than it needs to be by going for that animated look.

My only hope is that the decals hold up. They're almost 10 years old (the paper says 2008), but look to be in good shape.
If they don't hold up for some reason, then I'll be trying decal bonder spray or liquid decal film for the first time.
If that doesn't work then there is always the Bird of Payne set I can get.

And I'm STILL geeking out about the paint job!


I might take some time away from all the Turkey day family madness to put some Future on the subassemblies.

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Practicing on the 1/537 Enterprise
« Last post by ebt12 on November 21, 2017, 10:38:07 pm »
I have had this model of the 1/537 for well over 20 years and finally picked it up to work on it again. With the many problems and inaccuracies of the model I think it is a good model to practice on, specifically using putty to fill in the hull pattern, and to practice with primer and paint. This practice is for when I get the 1/350 Enterprise.

Just joined? Introduce yourself here / Re: Hey y'all
« Last post by Bosshogg1963 on November 21, 2017, 10:09:30 pm »
Ok ,I'm new to all of this . TOS and pi? I'm willing to put just a little bit of money out for one. I know it takes time a patience to put one together. Not to mention the cost of the build. Thank you for your time. Writing a reply back to me.

The Trading Post / Re: Wanting to buy 1701
« Last post by Bosshogg1963 on November 21, 2017, 09:10:21 pm »
Thank you very much, for your reply. Very helpful. You do want one with the polar lights.
Just joined? Introduce yourself here / Re: New to SciFi Model Action Forum
« Last post by pakratt840 on November 21, 2017, 08:29:19 pm »
Welcome to the board TrekFan1701! Lots of knowledgeable Trek builders here. You should find all sorts of advice and tips. Good luck with your builds, and make sure to post lots of pictures.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / 1/650 TOS Connie
« Last post by Tankton on November 21, 2017, 07:43:47 pm »
Here we go Steve. LOL

Haven't decided if this is going to be the Enterprise or not.
As you can see I am lighting it and using TenaControls buzzard
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: In Between Build- BSG Viper MKI
« Last post by pakratt840 on November 21, 2017, 06:31:23 pm »
After an enemy attack on the Viper, I regrouped and am back to the Viper build.

The 'attack' was one of the kittens my wife adopted.  It got on my work bench and knocked a bunch of stuff on the floor and then chewed all the wires off the Arduino board to the thruster lights!  Needless to say I was fraken mad!

After dealing with that I ended up deciding to add sounds for the start up, thrusters, cruising speed, and laser cannons.  Since I will be adding an Adafruit sound board and an MK103 board it all won't fit in the Viper so I am going to move the electronics to a bigger base.  I ordered a couple of the Adafruit boards for the Viper build, the 1/32 Raider, and the blaster build.  I will order some more next month for the Galactica build and for my Trek builds.

The 1/32 Cylon Raider is HUGE.  With the wings on it is the same size as the saucer for the 350 refit.

The kitten is actually a Cylon. It's spine will glow when it eats ;D

And speaking of Cylons, you'll love building the Raider kit. I had a blast with mine.
General Discussion / Re: New Acquisitions
« Last post by pakratt840 on November 21, 2017, 06:27:20 pm »
Hi, Everyone.

I was went to the Kit Collectors Expo in Garden Grove, CA (https://kitcollectorsshow.wixsite.com/kits) this past Sunday (11/19/17).

There was this one vendor who was selling car kits almost exclusively, but on top of one of his stacks I found this little gem...

2011 Pegasus Hobbies 1:18 My Favorite Martian Uncle Martin and Spaceship (kit number 9012)

This kit has a low parts count of 20 pieces which includes working doors, a clear interior instrument panel that can be lit up, and a detailed vinyl figure of Uncle Martin.  Consultation with James Hulsey, the original series art director and designer of the spacecraft, was part of Pegasus' research into this project.  The spaceship measures about 7 inches in length.

I was able to snag this one for $5.00 U.S.D. which is about one-fifth the usual retail price.  Pretty good!


I've seen a couple of build ups before on this kit. It's a pretty nice kit based on what I saw. Uncle Martin must not have been claustrophobic at all. Imagine traveling from Mars to Earth crammed into that tiny little craft stuck in a semi-reclined position.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 5-Year Mission-TOS 1/350 Enterprise.
« Last post by pakratt840 on November 21, 2017, 06:22:12 pm »
It's all good Steve! I did a 24-hr. burn in on the Bussards, and as expected, Ralph's boards came through with flying colors-pun intended ;D I figured there was no reason to wait and glued the nacelle halves together. Then I realized I don't remember doing a burn in on the LED strips. Oh well. I'll do it this weekend and if one fails, I'll just seal it all up and go without lighting the chiller grilles.
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