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Modelers Questions Board / Re: 1/350 Refit Mounting Pole
« Last post by Tankton on October 16, 2018, 12:35:33 am »
Hey TK who are you getting the masks from? I sell a 5 color set. Or if you find that too intimidating
I also carry a two color set. I ship to your area.
All Other Non SciFi Models Discussion / Re: Academy MiG-21PF 1/48
« Last post by scottminium on October 15, 2018, 07:16:01 pm »
After priming the cockpit details with stynlyrez white some of the instruments were covered with micromask.  Then the interior was painted a turquoise color (check out some photos, that's really the color) and the masks removed.  Then the instruments were dabbed with thin black paint, drybrushed with light gray, and given a drop of clear.

Next up is the ejection seat, which was primed, painted, and then drybrushed to bring out details.  Almost forgot the headrest!
All Other Non SciFi Models Discussion / Academy MiG-21PF 1/48
« Last post by scottminium on October 15, 2018, 07:12:25 pm »
After boxing and trashing the other MiG, I picked up an Academy kit.  MUCH nicer!
A nice shot of the box art, and then the wing assemblies.  There are landing lights recessed in the wings, and on this kit the clear pieces are mounted on the inside.  I dropped them in place and then locked them in with strip styrene after painting the back side silver.  To prep for painting later the exposed part will be covered with micro mask.
General Discussion / Re: New Acquisitions
« Last post by TK Iain on October 15, 2018, 12:03:01 pm »
It does indeed Spencer.

Like I said I have some practice to put in before going anywhere near my refit and my compressor has a 3litre tank.

Well! I got home to find a very large box waiting for me and this one is all down to my Eleanor as she spent a fortune whilst we were in Turkey and she kept going on at me to get this model and here it is.

Even the box is huge and definately bigger than the refit box.

Going to be a fun "wee" build.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: Colonial Viper Mk vii
« Last post by modelerdave on October 15, 2018, 10:17:21 am »
Good god I am having a hell of a time getting the two fuselage halves to fit with this PE cockpit. I'm sure it doesn't help that I am using 11 LEDs to light it but the actual cockpit itself is really a little too big. Seems to be an issue with a lot of PE not fitting very well. Grrr...back to sanding and shaving.
Modelers Questions Board / Re: 1/350 Refit Mounting Pole
« Last post by TK Iain on October 15, 2018, 09:33:25 am »
Thanks for the replies folks.

Was looking at the kit over the weekend and I have decided to go with a 10mm (can go smaller if required to a 8mm rod) brass rod which is on it's way. As you probably know in the lower hull piece there is a section sandwiched between two hull braces and it's about 20mm wide so my thought is to get a shaped piece of wood epoxied in there with a pre-drilled 10mm hole and that's my mounting point sorted methinks.

Well! that's the plan anyway but no doubt it will probably change. I just need to get the Aztec masks now and I'll be good to go. The 10mm gives me plenty of room (I hope) to get all the wiring down through it and into the eventual base. I will have the Tena board in the base so less room taken up inside the kit.

Can't wait to get started. :)
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: Spekkie's USS Voyager Mark II
« Last post by Cpt-Spekkie on October 15, 2018, 06:58:21 am »
Thanks for the image Slider!

First off all i find it fantastic you used a Lego design software to sketch it out, as i would have used Lego Technic pieces in the past when i build models. Heck i even used it last week in powering a windmill i 3D printed.  :o

The real interesting stuff is in seeing how similar your sketch and my final version are. The "wire" with the 45 degree bends is exactly what i understood from the text. only the connecting arm is different. and based on what you have. so in my case i needed to work towards a servo and used 3D printing for that. If i would have used Lego then your sketch would have been the way to do it. It might still be a little better as for the strength of that piston powered by rotation.

And i know you only intended the picture as a sketch, but sometimes Lego is a good way to go.  ;)

And credit were credit is due, because without the tekst of your topic i would have never thought of the 45 degree bend wire tp pull up the pylons.
General Discussion / Re: New Acquisitions
« Last post by Spencer on October 15, 2018, 06:58:18 am »
Am I right in that the box says 8 cubic feet per minute? I can see it's a HVLP, but that seems like quite a lot.
Is that when it's full open? What kind of compressor are you using?

General Discussion / Re: New Acquisitions
« Last post by TK Iain on October 15, 2018, 06:18:38 am »
It does look good Cameron.

Like I said there will need to some practice sessions first before I let it loose on my 1/350 refit build.
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: Spekkie's USS Voyager Mark II
« Last post by Slider on October 15, 2018, 02:53:28 am »
but some other stuff came up...

...What were those reasons you ask?
Well, the system of using 5 buttons with resistors and sending the voltages through 1 wire into the arduino using a headphone connector is kind of junk. I should have thought of a batter system like a bluetooth remote or something. The problem i face is that the resistor values can shift resulting in the arduino not recognizing buttons anymore. and the headphone jack has a little wiggle room in the length resulting in a possibility that you place the ship wrongly and therefore don't get the connection of the 3rd wire (so power and ground work, but no buttons) or even sporadic signals (such as pressing button 2 and getting action of button 1)

However i can reprogram the arduino, so if i think of a better system that still would work with 1 analog input wire, then i can just implement that later, as the ship does not have to be changed for that. only the base. Which is a win for me.

Tell me about it, moving homes, marriage, having our daughter. And building a Marklin (scratch build electronics) railway project took me away from building my Defiant and Voyager.
When the parts are in, I'm starting a Ikea Duktig kitchen project (with Arduino of course) for my daughters birthday. Lights and sound  ;D With an off-switch, so we don't go crazy!

My first project here, which needs to be rebuild, is my: USS Defiant
Which also has lost all pictures, I need to restore them soon.

I used a 3-wire 3.5 phone jack too, but instead of using 1 analog wire, I used another Arduino in the "base" for the switches.
That Arduino sent a simple command to the models Arduino using UART Tx only. You can sent as many different commands as you wish with this.
And, you can make this wireless using Xbee shields or something. Switches are being read using a MCP23017 port expander.

I also used an Adafruit Wave Shield, in the base for sound effects.

But, I had the very old Defiant version from the '90's, which doesn't fit at all.
Just after the base layer of paint (which was good), the new version came out. Bought that 1, salvaged the electronics and still need to rebuild the 2.0 version.

Anyway, I found the original picture from my Voyager post. For your own peace of mind, I thought it would be nice to share it again for you  :)
It was a simple sketch-up I made using Lego Technic building software, just to illustrate the idea.

Thanks for the praise, but you're the one who actually build it! ;D

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