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Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: My 1/8 Scale BTTF Delorean (WIP)
« Last post by NemVia on October 08, 2018, 05:06:09 pm »
Hi Everyone! I didn't forget about you. I've been working my tail off at my secular job. A Lot of changes being made that interfere with my projects BIG TIme. Hopefully it will calm down a bit over the next few weeks.

For my DeLorean build, I had to hold off on that for about a month because my ISSUE 10 had some missing parts. The different size fixing screws are all labeled with letters like DM which represent the screw size needed to mount some of the parts together or to the main frame of the car. Well, instead of sending me the screws labeled DM, I received to packets of AP screws which a smaller than the DM screws so I could not finish some of the build. I got on the phone with Eaglemoss right away and told them what the problem was and without question or charge they sent me another issue 10! This was awesome. I only needed the screws but they sent me a Whole new Issue. I couldn't believe it! No problems! Great people to work with. So if anyone needs a new Issue 10 minus the DM screws for whatever reason let me know.

Anyway, instead of just the September update with issues 6 - 9, I am also adding Octobers update with Issues 10 - 14. Little by little the car is taking shape. I have 37 new pics of the parts and assembly of issues 6 -14 on the 1/8 Scale DeLorean Build page for this month! Check it out and I'll see you next month.

Looks better now.  Just a pain to have to do that sort of thing, but in the end it will be the better solution.

Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: Colonial Viper Mk vii
« Last post by Madhatter on October 08, 2018, 05:59:49 am »
That's some nice work all round there Dave! That cockpit looks awesome and it was a great choice to swap out the seats to something more realistic than what they give you.
Are you using guitar strong there? I keep forgetting to get some for myself until I see someone else using it then I remember

As for the wires into the craft from the base, why not consider using 0.01 of a mm copper wire? It's so thin it's almost invisible and so you could you drill a small hole (I'm talking #80 small and that's still going to be bigger than what you'd need) through the base of the front landing pad at the rear (somewhere not really noticeable) and run the wire through the hole and up the strut whilst all the time disguising it as normal piping seen on landing gear?
Maybe a magnetic switch? (I don't really know much about them sorry)

Keep up the awesomeness Dave!
Modelers Questions Board / Re: Oh no! My clear coat has fibers in it!
« Last post by Guns Akimbo on October 07, 2018, 08:50:42 am »
Also keep in mind that if you spray with the piece in question lying on a surface such as a piece of newspaper, cardboard or the like, air pressure can kick up tiny particles of dust and fibers that will eventually settle onto the still-wet surface.
Modelers Questions Board / Re: Looking for tip on filling in a panel line
« Last post by Galaxy_Stranger on October 06, 2018, 10:48:30 pm »
You can use really thick tapes, like DYMO Embossing Tape to put down where you want the line, then run the scriber beside it.  I don't scribe much, but I use a cheap metal scriber I got off of amazon when I do.  It's a sharp, round tip instead of a thick scriber.  You can use it like a pencil and guide it along the wall of tape.  It'll act like a ruler.

That's the quickest, maybe easiest way to go.  You COULD get some strips of styrene sheet to fill it and then you'd hide the lower seam with bondo or whatever filler.  In this situation, I'd probably use Mr. Surfacer in an industrial syringe.  Of course, you could about as easily put bondo spot filler in a syringe.  But the Mr. Surfacer dries super hard.
Modelers Questions Board / Re: Looking for tip on filling in a panel line
« Last post by coreysan on October 06, 2018, 09:28:28 pm »
I'm an older guy and don't have a steady hand to scribe well.
That's why I asked...
All Other Non SciFi Models Discussion / Re: MiG-21, North Vietnam
« Last post by Decoman on October 06, 2018, 01:49:16 pm »
There seems to be a nice resin upgrade for this particular kit should you be interested. I have no idea what this particular resin thing costs, as I haven't checked.


I think a pilot with a white helmet inside would be a stunning detail. :)

Edit: Found this now on Ebay in UK, at a fair and relatively low cost:
Members Current Projects (WIP) / Re: Colonial Viper Mk vii
« Last post by scottminium on October 06, 2018, 07:18:44 am »
That ejection seat is awesome, as is your cockpit detailing.  Looking good!
Modelers Questions Board / Re: Oh no! My clear coat has fibers in it!
« Last post by Decoman on October 06, 2018, 07:13:17 am »
Presumably, the model was left with dust settling on it, before the gloss coat was applied.

I've noticed something similar when painting models with a brush.
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