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Author Topic: Next Project: D-7 Restoration  (Read 936 times)

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Next Project: D-7 Restoration
« on: June 21, 2013, 04:15:42 pm »
I've decided on my next model project: A restoration of one of my previous builds.  This one suffered a catastrophic drop onto solid concrete >.<" and a couple of pieces are completely missing, since it happened before my most recent move.  Fortunately, it was already a lemonade-from-lemons model.  I hadn't built it very well the first time, and I'd considered doing it as a kit-bash for some alien flyer or something along those lines, but I thought I'd go ahead and do it as a damaged Romulan ship; and I did.

Now, it sits in pieces on my desk, while I try to figure out how it's going to be restored.  I have a lot of options, but I'm not sure what path I'm going to take.

Here's what I'm considering:
1. Restore the model to its previous condition, as much as possible.  Scratch-build replacement parts, touch up paint, decals, and weathering.
2. Totally redoing the model.  Clean off the previous paint job, replace missing parts, make the battle damage more realistic, new paint, Romulan markings, and weathering.
3. Same as no. 2, but with Klingon paint and markings.
4. A clean, alien/alternate reality Battlecruiser.  Clear off the damage and restore the main body, neck, bridge, and bulb.  Scratch-build a new hanger/impulse deck, and nacelles.
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