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Author Topic: Polar Lights Round 2 Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser 1:1000 scale (Box Stock)  (Read 23410 times)

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Looking that these parts, I don't see any way to gule the nacelle to the pylon. It's just a little tab, with nothing to hold it to inside the nacelle...what a totally poor design.

I'd be REALLY interested to know how anyone else has done it. I just don't see how without modifying the kit.

Sorry to see what happened with your build.   :(  At least you have a spare, though.

It might be easier to first install the the pylon assembly that has the tab into the warp nacelle half that has the slot for it.  This way, you can be sure the tab is aligned correctly before sealing up the nacelle and glueing on the bottom half of the pylon assembly.

That's one way to do it, but I know that way makes it more difficult to work around when it comes to puttying and sanding out the seams.

Yeah wow, in your photo the tab lays FLAT on the inside of the nacelle. With it closed up, only the tip would touch, and only on a brace structure on the inside. That worried me, as there would be no way to sand properly with that tiny bit of material holding it on there. I think next time around I'll brace it up unassembled, and assemble them together like you had done.

I wish I had seen this photo before starting.

So much work, not just in priming and sanding and putty, but in getting my airbrush rig, paints, tools, and booth and everything. OH WELL, LIVE AND LEARN.
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Just be sure that when you attach the other half of the warp nacelle, take note of the notch part that is supposed to fit above the inserted pylon assembly tab.

I believe that notch will help to keep that tab even flatter.
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