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Author Topic: 1/537 Reliant AMT  (Read 1658 times)

Offline TonyC

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1/537 Reliant AMT
« on: October 11, 2015, 01:10:21 pm »

With putting in lights, and painting etc this has taken a few months. Its now when you are in final assembly that you wish you could have done things better. :-[

Hope these pointers help you out

1) When attaching nacelles to the pylons MAKE SURE that however you do it that they are both fit exactly the same. I hadn't notice til it was too late the port side is correct, on the starboard side the pylon is too far into nacelle. Its going to wobble on the stand. D'oh!

2) Sensor Array assembly, watch out when putting the top array brace on. There has to be a gap, big enough for the assembly to sit comfortably in the cups at the top of the pylon. I was too concerned with the wiring and fibre optic to notice that. So had some unexpected maintenance to do.

3) Wiring.... read things carefully, try them out before adding to the kit. I made a novice mistake when putting lights in the nacelles. There's not much room, so I wired all my cathodes together. Then found my constant on lights as well as my warp engines came on with my strobes light.. Big Arrgh! Too late when the nacelles are all sealed up.

Other than that the kit looks like it should... :-)



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Re: 1/537 Reliant AMT
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2016, 10:08:36 am »
Thanks for the advice, I am going to start assembling an identical model with lights. I just didn't understand exactly what happened to your nacelles but anything wrong with the warp engine always sounds scary!



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