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Author Topic: [8-foot Enterprise Refit / -A Filming Miniature] Blue Origin Lobby Pictures  (Read 12114 times)

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Hi, Everyone.

It's no secret that Amazon's Jeff Bezos is a huge Star Trek fan.  During the time he started Amazon, he had a dog named after Kamala of TNG season five episode "The Perfect Mate."  Then in 2006 he bought the 8-foot Enterprise refit / -A filming miniature at the Christie's Auction for a cool $240,000.

Since getting that miniature, he has had it displayed in the lobby of his private space company Blue Origin in Kent, Washington.  Most people are not allowed to take pictures or videos of it.

But finally last month, a syndicated article written about Blue Origin was published that featured pictures of the lobby and the miniature.  SFMA forum member rmpitzer (http://scifimodelaction.com/sfmaforum/index.php?action=profile;u=1423) and I have dug up some high resolution pictures used in those articles.  Here they are:

High-Res Link: http://www.gannett-cdn.com/media/2016/03/08/Brevard/Brevard/635930641014734283-BlueOrigin-009.jpeg

High-Res Link: http://www.manufacturing.net/sites/manufacturing.net/files/embedded_image/2016/03/blue%20origin%20office%20AP.jpg

High-Res Link: http://www.trbimg.com/img-56dfa100/turbine/os-pictures-inside-blue-origin-s-hq-20160308-002

Download the high-res pictures while you can!  ;)

It's interesting to note that Bezos chooses not to keep the model encased for protection.  It's also a bit sad to know that he has refused all offers to have the model restored.  While a shame that the model isn't more accessible to the public, at least she is most likely in good hands.

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While one one hand, it is a share that he does not want it restored.
But on the other hand I can understand it.
I read that he did t want it restored, because he wants to display it showing the wear and tear it has gotten during the filming of the movies.
Hopefully he is at least willing to have it preserved, so that it does not continue to deteriorate.

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She deserves to be at the Smithsonian like her older sister for us all to enjoy.   Just my opinion.   
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That is incredibly cool.  Thanks for posting this.


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