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Author Topic: A.B.C.D. Robot Model Kit  (Read 562 times)

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A.B.C.D. Robot Model Kit
« on: July 25, 2016, 04:47:20 pm »
 Hey everybody,
I'm a model guy plus a whole lot More. Did the car,truck,hot rod etc. thing for years and got bored and a little burnt out but one day I came across VINYL KITS in my local hobby store and that recharged my model makin battery. I came into my own with the Scifi universe of models...flash forward 20+ years and I had built a ton of scifi/fantasy vinyl,resin and injection mold kits...but I yearned for stuff that wasn't being made. 2006 I was accepted to Dick Smith's movie makeup school and had got through 2 of the 3 sections and had to drop out due to health reasons. During that time I had become a darn good sculptor,molder and caster. Today I still have limitations but I'm making my own model kits. My first offering is the new and improved head of the A.B.C.D. Robot. The A kit is the basic kit and the B kit has more detailed ear pods, a second lower jaw with a dif chin choice also poseable hydrolic hoses. If I can attract enough interest I will be able to offer kit C and it has the other extras and an exposed human brain. Take a look at my Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5UzUsCGd_bLilvfRx2Ky6A channel and see just some of my sculpts and paintings and check out the vids on some of the diff ways to paint your kit also there are some ideas for base mods...
 As I said before I'm a model guy...I know what it takes to make an interesting model...also if kits A,B,C. are sucessful kit D will have all the other kits bells and whistles aaaand LIGHTS!
Down the line a wayz a future offering isn't a kit ,perse, it would be for the painters....it is my version of Sssssss...what he should have looked like. Then the BATtle Suit 2066...he is about 7" tall and solid and hopefully next either it would be Wolverine's hand(s) + base or my ALIEN EGG...it's up to you guys.
 I NEED YOUR HELP!. Contact me at colossus601@gmail.com title it Oddtodd Creations and You can get either A kit for $55 + $9 shipping or the B kit for $65 + 9 shipping. USA only for now.
 I also have Hydra Medallions with base ready to go Now..they come with rare earth magnets so the medallion will not fall out...email me for pics if interested.
 Trying to post pics?!?...if you want pics for sure email me otherwise check out my channel. Thanks for your time and interest!


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