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Author Topic: [MPC / Round 2 Space: 1999 Eagle] 1:48 Nuclear Waste Canister Parts Pack  (Read 588 times)

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Hi, Everyone.

Round 2 has officially listed their third accessory kit for their MPC 1:48 Eagle kits.  This one will be the Space: 1999 Nuclear Waste Canister Parts Pack (product number MKA025).

This kit provides parts for four nuclear waste canisters along with a decal sheet.  It's meant for those who want more than the four canisters that can be built from the upcoming MPC / Round 2 1:48 Space: 1999 Eagle with Cargo Pod (kit number MPC838) model (http://scifimodelaction.com/sfmaforum/index.php?topic=6507.msg84541#msg84541).

Scheduled to be out around the July / August 2017 time frame, the kit joins the previously-released accessory packs: Eagle Transporter Deluxe Accessory Set (product number MKA014) and Eagle Transporter Small Metal Parts Set (product number MKA016).

Check out the pictures below.

Stay tuned...


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