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Author Topic: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!  (Read 121 times)

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It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:13:54 am »
Greetings All,

So I've started the quest of my TMP refit!  Actually, it's not a TMP build - it's a ST2/WOK build, so completely different, right? ;)  More on that below.

Plan is to do a 5-color Aztec paint, and will be lighting it up as well too. Have the photoetch pieces and Oribital's masks, as well as the paint guide. I actually started building a couple months ago. I'm new to modeling and really wanting to do it right, so I'm taking it slow. After spreading out all the model and all the supplies, tools, accessories I bought - I was too terrified for a week to answer the question "where do I begin?". It's also my first time using an Airbrush, so I've been experimenting and learning on NOT the model. Also wanted to get into it a little bit before I started posting, make sure it was going to happen. I'm probably $500 in it so far - so this is definitely happening. I just chuckled to myself back when I thought buying the model itself was the investment. Oh, how naive I was then!  I've started modifying the bridge as well as the arboretum - given there are so many posts about the same stuff, I won't bore everything with small steps until there is significant progress or something unique I think might be beneficial to share.

Anyways, here is part of the shuttlebay, and the defining feature of why this is the STII enterprise. I absolutely hated the color schemes of TMP - there was no way I was doing a pea green shuttlebay. I really like the blue/steel look of the "utiltiy" areas in ST2, so that's the scheme I went with.

The blue ended up a little darker than I wanted, but after several attempts of unhappy paint color mixes on prevous attempts, I can live with it.

This also ends my efforts in making custom colors.  Next time, get up, drive to the hobby store, and buy the color.

Question: You'll notice in the shuttlebay pics that it needs sanding.  I'm having a heckuvatime finding a good way to sand details.  I've bought the smallest sanding sticks I can find - but they still seem bulky, especially since the ends don't have the grit, and they aren't rounded.  What are others using for these detailed areas?

I've been experimenting with the Aztec colors.  I'm using the base as a test surface, since I'm probably not going to use it.  I'm using PearlEx with AlcladII Lacquer - per Orbital Drydock's recommedations.  I seem to be getting inconsistent results.

The blue and green are very light, and the red and gold seem very dark. In fact, the blue, I actually put on pretty heavy.  In the gold light spray area - this was just enough until I could tell I had covered the area.  All are the same formulat 1/16tsp PearlEx to 12ml AlcladII. Really concerned that by the time I can see it, I've put on too much.

I know many are fans of the fish paint - didn't see that until after getting this.

Question: Is this the problem inherent with pigments - that each color is a potentially a different mixture?  Any tips?

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Re: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 05:54:38 am »
Hiya Brian and welcome to the insane world of the Enterprise Refit.
  I was very much like you when I started mine. I had built models as a kid etc. but had never gotten into it to the level that's required for this guy. Like you I had to buy an air brush and learn how to do it .... and so on. I started from scratch just like you.You're right .... it is an expensive build, especially if it's your first one like you and I, but man it's worth every penny when you see her sitting on your mantle all lit up.  ;)
  You're approaching this monster just the right way. Take each little section as a separate build. Do the shuttle bay, the officers lounge, and the arboretum first, and then work from there. As you finish little project after little project one day you'll look up and see that you're starting to approach the finish line!

As for your question about sanding small areas, I have no answer for you sorry. I've never found a good way to sand small or uneven surfaces well. I guess my only suggestion would be to be careful not to spray too heavily when using your air brush. It took me a while to realize that a light touch done twice looks much better than a heavier coat done once. It's much smoother and is generally a better look.

You're off to a great start. Have fun and be patient. If this guy does anything for you it will teach you to be patient!  ;)


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Re: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 11:59:03 am »
Thanks, Kevin.  Yeah, finding lighter coats are probably a necessity. Although, I think I've spent more time cleaning my airbrush than actually building the model so far!

You're in it this far...what's another $20?

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Re: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2017, 08:14:09 am »
Fatal Cheese, First let me take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your BB/HTML coding with us! The pictures inserted with comments about the pictures to the side is excellent formatting! Not only that, but it gives me something else to try!! So, thanks again.

I love how you're documenting your aztecing color trials.  :o  I am learning a bit from them and should have more questions later!  ;D

As far as sanding, the micro-sticks will certainly help, but what surfaces are you trying to sand? I broke down and purchased a Needle File set. I picked it up at my LHS. Also there are Professional Hobby Sanding Files which are round, white files and, at least in the packages I've seen, have fine tips on them for tight spaces. One more, a Sanding Detailer Kit. It is hard to describe so here is a link. http://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Wood-Crafting/Hardware-Tools/Sanding-Detailer-Kit/p/80799062

I have also cut strips of sand paper and wrapped them over the eraser of a pencil to get that illusive scratch. Using the same principle, I would grab one of those pink school erasers and wrap the sandpaper over the beveled end of it and get to a difficult seam that needed sanding.

One more, unexpected place to find smaller sanding tool is a beauty supply store. I have a Sallys Beauty Supply close to me and the sanding sticks and boards are much less expensive there than an LHS. Plus, if get their rewards card, you can pick up some decent discounts.

Hope this gives you some ideas about sanding.


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Re: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2017, 12:34:58 pm »
Welcome, Mr. Cheese,

You've certainly come to the right place to ask questions. Please don't be afraid to do so--but expect lots of different opinions and answers for you to choose from!

Your story is similar to many others here. I didn't know I had a Wrath of Khan Enterprise until I painted the uniforms on the tiny L'arsenal crew. No way I would paint on those TMP pajamas...

I really like the sanding sticks for their stiffness. Also, the larger Squadron or Flex-I-File sticks. When you get to the hull though, you might want to just use your hands to hold small pieces of sandpaper since all the surfaces are curved and you may want the 'feel' under your fingers.

I also used the PearlEx with Alclad (with good success), and you're right, the blue doesn't read as colorful as everything else. You can increase the amount of PearlEx powder quite a bit before worrying about the mix coming through the airbrush. You can also increase pressure a bit to spray if needed. So, to answer your question, yes, you may find each color is a potentially different mixture. And as Karve said, you must use light coats! That will become more evident when you start pulling off the small aztec masks.  Too heavy, and you'll have massive edge buildups, which must then be sanded off--removing the heavier spray you were trying to put down!

Finally, if you continue with the whole aztec plan, you can expect to spend much more time prepping the masks and cleaning the airbrush than building the model, so you must be doing it right!  Good luck!  :)

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Re: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2017, 06:33:38 pm »
I like the idea of getting away from the traditional Refit build! Everyone builds those!!
Now, the Wrath of Kahn version, now that is something really different!!  LOL

I like you plan and the colors are looking good! Shuttlebay is taking shape!


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