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Author Topic: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!  (Read 2596 times)

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Re: It's Not a TMP Refit 1/350, it's a STII:WOK Refit 1/350!
« Reply #30 on: May 07, 2018, 08:18:58 am »
Hey, Guys.

Just a thought, and I have no idea how well this would work, but what about copper guitar pickup tape?  You can get that from extremely thin width to wide.  There is definitely enough on a roll to go completely around the saucer.  The only negative I could see is the surface would have to be completely smooth or any imperfection would show as a bump in the tape.  Just a thought...

Huh. I'm familiar with that since I've built a few electric guitars in my time.  ;D The copper tape would have to be thin for scale, and embossed with the numerous lines of the linear sensor bands.

For those of us not cool enough to play guitars, what are you talking about? Sensor bands I got. What is "copper guitar pickup tape" and how would it be used to make the sensor bands?

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