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Author Topic: [Moebius Flying Sub] 1:32 Metal Hull Version Release  (Read 336 times)

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[Moebius Flying Sub] 1:32 Metal Hull Version Release
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:31:50 pm »
Hi, Everyone!

In 2011 Moebius released a limited run of a metal-body 18" Lost In Space Jupiter 2.  Made with serious collectors in mind, this deluxe pre-assembled version of their 1:35 model kit featured a metal hull, metal landing gear, and fully-illuminated interior.  It also had a three-speed fusion core, rechargeable battery, and external power supply.  MSRP was $1499.99 U.S.D., and the 200 that were produced sold out instantly.

Now Moebius is back with a deluxe pre-assembled version (product number MOE2817) of their 1:32 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Flying Sub model kit.  This one will have:

  • High quality die-cast metal hull
  • Fully detailed interior
  • Interior cockpit lighting
  • Flashing reactor lights
  • Lit floor panels
  • Headlights
  • Engine lights
  • Authentic sound effects
  • Remote control
  • Wave form display base
  • Figures of Nelson and Crane

MSRP will be $1500.00 U.S.D., and the production run will be 500 units.  Moebius hopes to have this ship during early-2018.

Of course, many of us would rather go for the $89.99 1:32 model kit (kit number MOE817) and build it ourselves, but there is a lucrative market for pre-assembled collectibles out there that cannot be ignored.

Serious stuff!


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