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Author Topic: [Revell Halo Model Kits] Warthog & Pelican Original Releases  (Read 510 times)

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[Revell Halo Model Kits] Warthog & Pelican Original Releases
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:56:19 pm »
Hi, Everyone!

Revell (both Europe and North America) will be releasing new model kits from the Halo military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise.  They will be under the Build and Play line of kits which feature snap together fitting, pre-decorated paint job, and electronic lighting and sound effects.

1:32 UNSC Warthog (kit number 00060 / 85-1766):
  • 50 parts
  • Includes 3 Spartans
  • 205 mm (8.07087 inches) long

1:100 UNSC Pelican (kit number 00061 / 85-1767):
  • 50 parts
  • Includes 2 Spartans
  • 305 mm (12.0079 inches) long

Check out the pictures below!

The kits are expected to ship around the September / October 2017 time frame.

There are also plans for a 1:35 Convenant Wraith and a 1:35 UNSC Scorpion, but those may come later depending on how well the first two kits sell.

Stay tuned...


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