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Author Topic: Star Trek Discovery - What are your thoughts now that the show is out - SPOILERS  (Read 299 times)

Offline Tiburon

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I was wondering what you guys thought about the show now that its out.

I was VERY skeptical that CBS would manage to pull it off, but I was very happily surpised by the end of the first two episodes.

I thought that the "new" Klingons will be good antagonists. Their main motivation of being fearful of the federation expansion trampeling on the remnanats of their empire and way of life is believable.

The special effects are amazing.

Some of the character developments seemed a little far fetched (the mutiny). And obviously the technology of the federation is not in keeping with established cannon but I can overlook all this for what I found to be two very good hours of Star Trek.

What do you all think?

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Offline Tankton

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Other than the Klingons looking way different I think it was great Star Trek.
The technology was on par following Star Trek Enterprise so that was fine.
I wouldn't expect it to look like the 60's tech that was in TOS. Even the ship
was an upgrade from the NX-01, similar lines. Story was good. I like the background
of the Klingons. Explains why they don't like anyone.
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Offline Shawn McClure

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  • Shawn McClure
I thought it was pretty good.  I'll be watching it.  Any Star Trek is better than no Star Trek for sure.   I really enjoyed the effects, I thought the ships were awesome.   Those Klingons were pretty amazing too.

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Offline MattA

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I've only watched what was on CBS so far, but I did enjoy the story for the most part.  The characters look like they'll take some getting used to, but I suspect they'll work out fine.

What I didn't like was very little felt familiar.  The Klingons/Klingon ships looked absolutely nothing like what came before.  The tech is way beyond anything that's ever been in the series.  It doesn't really *feel* like Trek.  We'll have to give it some time to see how it goes.  Also, can the lens flares, please!
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Offline Mr Atoz

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I just got through watching the first two episodes last night.The series so far, could stand alone and be very entertaining.I did like the story and the characters thus far and the production value is very good for TV.As for the for the feel of it,it seems a little too distant from the Star Trek a typical fan would expect.For example,the look is somewhat reminiscent of an Abrams or Star Wars film.Even when the first motion picture came out in '79,there was no mistaking that one was looking at a more modern version of the then 10 year old show.When Next Generation was on the air,it still had the sensibilities of the old show.The Abrams version was getting too far away from what I would call a Star Trek style.

For me,I just view the re imagined versions as stand alone shows and cherish the previous ones as what is more familiar personally.At any rate,it'll be fun to see how the new series develops.It was nice to hear the more subtle things from the old series (bridge sound effects)kept for nostalgia!  ;)
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Offline karve

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I've seen the first four episodes and I watched them all again today back to back.
  First off, I really really like the show. The characters are good and the story line has lots of potential. I love the special effects and the whole thing is beautifully done visually. I love the ongoing story line instead of the episodic start and finish for each episode.

  My only 'problem' if you want to call it that is that I cannot find a way to make my brain believe that this takes place ten years or so before Kirk, Spock and the rest along in the same time line. There are just way way too many differences to reconcile. I mean, if you want to get specific, that would mean that this all takes place 3 years after Christopher Pike and Spock visit Talos 4. Spock is in Star Fleet already and there is a USS Enterprise out there boldly going....!
  It's an interesting problem for us Star Trek folks. I fully get why we want this to be a kick ass show filled with the best special effects etc. I mean, would you want to watch a brand new show with the same level of special effects and and lame sets as back in 1966 just to make it feel right? I know I wouldn't. And yet in theory here we have The Discovery where the crew is reading computer screens in mid air, talking to holographic admirals, and leaping around the galaxy in seconds ... while over on the Enterprise we have chronometers with the numbers turning on little wheels in the navigation station and food replicators that spit out yellow and purple Styrofoam chunks for them to eat!! I believe I'd be asking for a transfer!  ;D

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to approach it is to just not worry about it. I am going to watch and enjoy this show as a stand alone series, where I just happen to know all the main races, their trends, and how they feel about each other. After that, whatever happens will be true to this show only. I'm not going to worry about how it ties in with all the other Star Treks out there because I just don't think it can be done without over thinking it!
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Offline Tankton

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I like it also. I've decided to think that it is an alternate universe.
One of many in the multiverse theories.
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Offline Caladonis

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To me it is good SCFI and I WILL watch it, but nothing like star trek.

On the klingons
1. Take the first episode with the klingons and the gathering of the fallen. I think they stole that idea from Firefly and reaver ships. This is way different from the "known" klingon startrek universe where  they care nothing for dead "husks".
2. Their makeup is so total there will be no way for the actors to emote under all that.
3. Calling clans by using a "lighthouse" beacon. I'm thinking current universe subspace invisible broadcast have worked pretty well for 50 years -- makes no sense.

1. Ships that look nothing like any of the existing klingon ships inside or outside. UFP ships where the interior is totally unlike Entrerprise/Voyager/NextGen of anything a "trekie" would immediately identify with. 
2. The bridge is more advance that the JJprize with holo projector communications and a huge waste of space. I loved the interplay between actors being in close proximity of the original treks so you got that interaction. This set being so roomy and spread out will not allow that same level of bridge crew interaction.

No complaints on the acting or cast, I liked the uniforms as they were more advanced the Entrerprise, but had a very Enterprise look to them that matches the time period. Hopefully they will provide a better understanding of how/why a human wound up on vulcan.

Offline The Man/Kind Project

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Weak dialogue on episode 1 - episode 2 was better.  Can't wait to get the kits!  Klingons rule, but it's very weird that for a race so imbued in technology that their teeth look like they grew up in England.  The dentistry is a bit off-putting.  How many Saaraks are there anyway?

Offline pakratt840

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I only saw the premier episode on 'free' TV, so my sample size for the show is small. I tend to agree that as a stand alone sci-fi show it looks cool, but it doesn't feel like Star Trek to me. And I had some nitpicky issues with a couple of things.
First, exactly how does the human first officer apply a Vulcan nerve pinch to her captain? I harken back to Star Trek III, where McCoy, a doctor, imbued with Spock's soul, attempts and fails to apply the nerve pinch to a human Starfleet security officer. With Spock's influence, his method should have been sound, but because Vulcan's are proportionately stronger than humans, he lacked the proper grip strength to apply it correctly, IMHO. Fast forward (or is it backward?) to Discovery, and the very human first officer easily subdues her captain with the same technique?
Second, how did a species who is so timid about conflict and was bred as prey end up serving on a starship where conflict is a possibility at every turn? Again, just my opinion.
I will wait until the season run has ended and then maybe subscribe for a month and binge watch it like some have suggested doing. From what little I have read, it has received good viewership so far. 

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Offline HerbertK

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I really liked the third episode and I really hope the show is about Section 31. That would be a great way for the show to have some freedom as a prequel.


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