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Author Topic: [MPC / Round 2 Space: 1999 Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2] 1:48 Diorama Set  (Read 928 times)

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Hi, Everyone!

Round 2 put out some new information (http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/3997-mpc-model-kits-space1999-nuclear-waste-area-2-preview/) regarding their upcoming 1:48 Space: 1999 Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 Diorama Set (kit number MPC860).

Everything was created with brand new CAD work.  The moon buggy measurements were taken from a real Amphicat six-wheel-drive vehicle (provided by Jim Small of Small Art Works - frequent collaborator of Round 2) like what was used on the TV show.

Here are the details:

  • Parts for two nuclear waste control units and stands
  • Parts for eight light stands and eight cargo containers and equipment
  • Two 1:48 moon buggies
  • Ten 1:48 Alphan figures
  • Clear parts for light lenses, nuclear waste control unit beacons, and moon buggy headlights
  • Parts for two light stand bases
  • Decal sheet
  • Full plug-and-play lighting kit - 64 LEDs, connectors, and two battery packs
  • BONUS: parts for one 1:24 moon buggy and two 1:24 Alphan figures

Check out the pictures below which includes box art and behind-the-scenes images taken from Round 2's photo shoot session!

This diorama set would go perfectly with the 1:48 Eagle Transporter and/or Eagle Transporter with Cargo Pod kits!

Stay tuned...


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