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Author Topic: [Hasegawa Macross SDF-1] 1:4000 Movie "Attack Mode" Version Release  (Read 676 times)

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Hi, Everyone!

Hasegawa has already released several 1:4000 SDF-1 models (2/2015 release Macross movie version - kit number MC05, 10/2015 release Macross TV show version - kit number 65830, and 6/2016 Macross TV show "attack mode" version - kit number MC06) throughout the last few years.

Now scheduled for January 30, 2018 release, Hasegawa will put out a 1:4000 SDF-1 movie "attack mode" version (kit number 65841).

This kit will feature:

  • Movable parts (main gun, arms, body, legs, ankle)
  • Front part of Daedalus can reveal five in-scale Tomahawks
  • Twenty in-scale mecha (Tomahawk, Defender, and Phalanx)
  • 245 parts
  • Box art by Japanese mecha anime artist Tenjin Hidetaka

Check out below for CAD images released by Hasegawa!

Price will be 6200 yen (currently about $55.00 U.S.D.).  Pre-orders are up now at Hobby Link Japan (https://hlj.com/product/HSG65841) and Hobby Search (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10502166).

Stay tuned...


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Re: [Hasegawa Macross SDF-1] 1:4000 Movie "Attack Mode" Version Release
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 01:34:09 am »
At 1:4000 scale the Destroids in the Daedalus would be only like 3 mm tall.... That would be some serious detail.


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