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Author Topic: [Star Trek Continues] New Episode - "To Boldly Go - Part 2"  (Read 374 times)

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[Star Trek Continues] New Episode - "To Boldly Go - Part 2"
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:47:57 pm »
Hi, Everyone!

The second part of the excellent Star Trek Continues (www.startrekcontinues.com) fan series finale premiered on YouTube and Vimeo:

Episode 11 - "To Boldly Go - Part 2" - https://youtu.be/29L8P1XwnaA or https://vimeo.com/241107969

Just like their previous ten episodes, this one is really quite well done.  Fans of the series will instantly see that the production has gone all out for this one as there are surprise characters, new filming sets, and fantastic special effects.  The story itself was written by Nebula and Hugo award winning author Robert James Sawyer.  Here's the episode's tag:

The iconic mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise comes to an end, as Kirk and his crew battle the ultimate adversary.

This is a bittersweet release as it marks a great conclusion to a fantastic fan series, but at the same time, it's the last Star Trek Continues episode that will ever be made.  Personally, I will miss this show dearly.

If you have an hour to spare, this one is worth checking out!  Just click the YouTube or Vimeo link above.

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Re: [Star Trek Continues] New Episode - "To Boldly Go - Part 2"
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2017, 10:29:08 pm »
I just finished watching.  It was really good  :'(

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Re: [Star Trek Continues] New Episode - "To Boldly Go - Part 2"
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2017, 11:47:53 pm »
First episode I've ever seen. Very well done. And it neatly fills in a few gaps as to what happens in the intervening years between TOS ending and TMP, or at least to the paths taken by the crew.

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