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Author Topic: 1/350 Enterprise weathering color for around the deflector dish on primary hull  (Read 277 times)

Offline captainwarnock

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Hi there everyone!  I'm at the point in my 1/350 Enterprise Build (Which I will upload some pictures of here, though they are on the Google+ modelshop page) where I want to add some rust color, or copper color, to my weathered Enterprise build.  I used Round 2's weathering decals to weather most of the model, but I don't think there is a decal for the weathering around the two rings right behind the deflector dish housing on the primary hull.  I am wondering, what color should I be painting that piece, and how should I apply it?  Airbrush it on so it is uniform, or should I be looking at chalks or other weathering techniques like dry brushing?  Thanks so much in advance!


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