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Author Topic: 1:350 NX Detail Set  (Read 18 times)

Online Rusty_S85

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1:350 NX Detail Set
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:12:41 am »
I keep coming across this Detail set listed online for sale but I cant find any pictures of it actually assembled to see what it looks like.  Based off the diagrams that I seen it looks like its supposed to create a detailed shuttle bay interior as well as add photo etched docking ports/rings.

So I wanted to ask anyone out there ever used this and assembled this detail set that possibly has pictures of the assembled product?

I figure since I really like the style of the NX class I really want to do a super detail build but not if its going to be stuff that isn't really needed.  Seems like most people mount their NX with a brass rod through the area of the shuttle bay so I would have to devise an alternative mount if I have a detailed open shuttle bay lit.


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