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Author Topic: 1/1400 AMT Enterprise-C (So it begins)  (Read 1334 times)

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Re: 1/1400 AMT Enterprise-C (So it begins)
« Reply #60 on: February 07, 2018, 07:53:53 am »
Hey Guys!

Those lights didn't blink?  I wonder if they just went cheap on the model?

I like your diagrams.


Yeah, I was kinda surprised myself about the steady on lights. I thought at least the saucer lights would blink. Remember, it was only a "ship of the week" appearance; at least for the "E". The model did reappear as the Yamaguchi later on in the series - haven't done research as to which episode through. It might be interesting to find out and see if they added blinkies then.

Thanks about the diagrams! It's kinda part of my job to work in Visio so I have lots of practice making them.

Love the lighting layout. Might have to borrow it when I do my C.
If I ever get the time. Still trying to finish two other kits.

Borrow away. Fair warning: you may have to fix them to get them right! :)

If you're going to include some flashers Steve, make sure you test the entire system. From my experience the flasher needs to be on a separate circuit or each flash will slightly (at least) diminish all the other lights on the circuit and in effect ALL lights will be flashers....


Wolf, thanks for the tip and critique! Looking at the diagrams, I can see where you would have drawn that conclusion. The 555 timer circuits will be connected to their own power source; separate from the steady state light's power. But yeah, I plan to test the... ;) well, thoroughly test the circuits before they are placed in the base!  ;D

Looking at another builder's thread of an Ambassador class ship, I see I still have some clean up to do on the windows. While I am doing that, I am planning on building a display to go on the base...probably.

Thanks for the input and interest!

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Re: 1/1400 AMT Enterprise-C (So it begins)
« Reply #61 on: February 07, 2018, 08:19:31 am »
Circuitry looks good Steve, my only comment would be where you have 2 or more LEDs in a circuit to wire them in parallel rather than in series as you have them. 

As you have them wired at the moment if one fails the whole circuit will fail.

The effect that the flasher circuit will have on static LEDs depends on the integrity of your power supply, if it is sized to supply the voltage and current you need then you should have no problems.  It can be seen at its worst when using batteries to supply LEDs, as the battery starts to lose voltage the flicker will effect the static lights.

Keep up the good work.


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