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Author Topic: B.M.W. R75 With sidecar and crew by TAMIYA Finished  (Read 537 times)

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B.M.W. R75 With sidecar and crew by TAMIYA Finished
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:30:46 pm »
Ok, this is a project I started over the summer.

Part 1A

In this first video, I have already glued on the poles for the fence, and are now working on making it into a fence.


Part 1B

Finishing up the fence and do a bit of ramble.


Part 2

In this part, I do some paint work on the sidecars support frame as well as some painting on the thing the dude sits in?


Part 3

In this part, I continue the work on the sidecar. Starting whit some painting of the springs did some scraping on the handlebars. Painted up the seat, moved on to painting up the seat on the motorbike. Then I moved on to painting up the saddlebags and finish of whit some painting of some weels.


Part 4

In this part you can skip, 30 minutes of me working on the Engine. About as fascinating as watching paint dry.


Part 5

In this part, I start by painting the two engine parts I worked on the last episode. I paint the metal parts on the handlebars and move on to the wheels, and finish off by painting the sidecars mudflap.


Part 6

In this part, I start by painting up the springs for the seats on the motorbike. After which, I move on to the map storage, gas tank lid, and the aft number plate mount and I finish whit painting the muffler. ( After I ramble for about 10 minutes.)


Part 7

In this part, I start off by adding some wash to the muffler. Painted up the rear number plate,  touched up the front number plate. painted up the map storage, did some work on the handlebar mount on the frame. Another layer of paint on the aft numberplate some body work on the sidecar before painting it up.


Part 8

In this part, I work on the battery box, figuring out if I'm going to paint the Cylinder housings (?) gray or aluminum. Then I move on to the springs for the sidecar.


Part 9

In this part, I Start off by working on one of the three fixed bags. I did some testing of the exhaust pipe and some dry fitting of the sidecars wheel assembly. (Sorry guys, completely off camera whit the stationary one)


Part 10

In this part,  I start off by adding the motorcycle equipment bag. Do some paint work on one of the extra weels that will be attached to the sidecar, after which I move on to the sidecars weel.


Part 11

In this part, I continue painting up the sidecars weel, move on to the gun.  Paint up the fender on the sidecar before gluing it on. Then it is just final assembly


Part 12

Three in one.
First:  Soldering on the branches on my apple tree.
Second:  (10:30)  A bit of rambling before adding decals.
Third: (31:51) Final painting of backpacks and stuff.

Sorry for the music, didn't check the entire video before I recorded it. But my mumbling isn't much to listen to anyway.

And Sorry again,  I got a music file that was supposed to be youtube friendly. Well, the second song in the file they nailed me on it. So I decided to add another song so there will be some silence after the end of the replacement song.


BMW R75 With sidecar by TAMIYA Finish

Collage of photos taken during assembly.



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