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Author Topic: ASSEMBLED STAR TREK MODELS  (Read 469 times)

Offline bslacey

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« on: May 24, 2018, 10:50:26 am »
I have several ASSEMBLED (highly detailed) models that are already built-out and I wasn't sure if there is a market for selling these.

I recently inherited these (and a massive Northstar Enterprise-A) and they are in fantastic display condition, but I don't know exactly which original model kits they were...several ERTL ones at least.

My father had built custom plexiglass stands for them as well, and had them on display in a Ready Room recreated cabinet.

Here is a list of the models I have available, and I have attached pics available (via email) as well.
- Enterprise-A
- Enterprise-B
- Enterprise-E
- TOS Enterprise
- USS Reliant
- Klingon Battle Cruiser
- Klingon Bird of Prey
- A 36 in. Resin USS Excelsior that has broken (but fixable) nacelles.
- An original 1978 Battlestar Galactica

I have attached pics of the models (PDF format) and have more pictures available.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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