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Author Topic: Best ways to work with styrofoam?  (Read 41 times)

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Best ways to work with styrofoam?
« on: June 27, 2018, 10:41:28 pm »
Hey, all

While visiting Hobby Lobby a little while back (it's about the only model store left in the area... <sigh>), I became intrigued by some of the shapes they have in the pre-formed Styrofoam section. I know the silly things'll take some extra work--I want to have the smooth finish at a minimum, and quite possibly attach lots of plastic (I like plastic; sue me). Given some of the shapes available, I've actually come up with a couple of possible kitbash/scratch-builds to do (the Perry Rhodan.Good Hope and a Torch Ship prototype from the Heinleinverse)(or the equivalent from my own 'verse).

Thing is, I want to find things that'll stick to the Styrofoam but won't melt it. I usually use acrylic paint, and either Elmer's glue (or some variant) or CA or epoxy when working with plastic or resin; don't know whether those'll adversely affect the Styrofoam or not. I'd also like to smooth out the 'texture' of the Styrofoam before I start attaching plates and details and greeblies. And of course, paint. I can airbrush, but I also like to use StuffMart spray bombs (I'm a cheap scut if I can be).

Has anyone out there ever done much with Styrofoam? To the point of being able to recommend things to work with, or things to not work with? Trolling for advice here; all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance!



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