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Author Topic: Paint for TMP K-Tinga  (Read 648 times)

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Paint for TMP K-Tinga
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:00:01 pm »
This is my paint scheme for the K'Tinga.  I selected these based on reference photos and film footage.  It is by no means intended to be definitive or authoritative  :)

Neutral Gray: Tamiya XF-53
Purple tinted Neutral Gray: XF-53 with a few drops of X-16 Purple.
D Green JGSDF: Tamiya XF73
Cockpit Green: Tamiya XF71
Nato Green: Tamiya XF67
Deep Green: Tamiya XF26
Gray-Green (IJN): Tamiya XF76
Gunship Gray: Testors 4752
Khaki: Tamiya XF49
Buff: Tamiya XF57
Field Gray: Tamiya XF65
Medium Blue: Tamiya XF18
Metallic Gray: Tamiya XF56
Black Green: Tamiya XF27
Steel: Testors 4679
Gold Leaf: Tamiya X12
Olive Green: Tamiya XF58


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