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Author Topic: Hi all  (Read 340 times)

Offline Oliver Closehauf

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Hi all
« on: July 30, 2018, 08:23:29 pm »
Hi everyone. I'm getting ready to do a Polar Lights TOS Enterprise. Been gathering all of the accessory kits nd lights and am now starting to look for glues, fillers and paints. I've built hundreds of models when I was a kid, but its been 30 years since I put one together, and I don't know what I should be using these days. For instance, I didn'tknow you could use crazy glue until I saw it being used on a you tube video with a spray on accelerant. They didn't have that stuff when I was building models. Any way, just here to get some direction on supplies.

I have a P-51 Mustang I will build as a refresher course before I start the Enterprise so I can familiarize myself with the new methods.


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