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Author Topic: I need a tip for gluing the bottom hull pieces on PL 1/350 Enterprise Refit  (Read 232 times)

Offline coreysan

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When I fit the sides of the 2ndary hull to the bottom piece, one side sits down in the glue slot like a glove,
but the other side is stubborn. I was thinking of putting the top piece on as well, and then squeeze
the entire assembly to get the sides to drop into their slots.

But, it would require a lot of squeezing.

Alternately, I could just hold the stubborn side with my hands while I wait for the glue to bond.

But, that's risky because I'm concerned my hands will give out after a few minutes.

Is there any other good way to get that stubborn side to sit down in its slot?

Offline Decoman

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I think I know what you mean.

The structural vertical hull pylon that connects the saucer with the engineering section, has two large pieces and it seems on my kit as well, that the large and oddly shaped pins one side won't fit well into the top of the engineering section.

I haven't looked at this in a while, though my plan was to simply  sand away a the stubborn pins, very gently, and hopefully, at some point, the pins will fit. I will be important to try figure out what pins to sand, so that the pins aren't sanded thin too much.

I do not know how the others have dealt with this issue, though I instinctively think that you ought to NOT even try force the pins into the engineering hull part, as once the pins jam into the plastic, the pins are likely to snap if you wanted to try pull them out again. My thoughts anyway.
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