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Author Topic: Detailed Replacement Parts for 1/350 TOS & Refit Enterprise  (Read 470 times)

Offline Mark2000

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Detailed Replacement Parts for 1/350 TOS & Refit Enterprise
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:03:10 pm »
Below are pictures and links to the kit replacement parts I'm offering on Shapeways for the 1/350 Refit and TOS Enterprise models. All of these are clear parts, perfect for replacing solid parts if youre lighting but not buying the official lighting kit. Theyve been pretty well reviewed by the folks buying them. I own a couple myself. Shapeways will be raising prices on all models in January, so get in on these and all your other Shapeways orders while the old prices are still in effect.

TOS 1/350 Bridge Replacement
- more detailed part with raised chairs and railing, and embossed details like Spock's scanner, the turbolift doors, and various panels.

TOS 1/350 Hangar Deck Replacement
- One solid part for easy light blocking. Extra detailed so that the photoetch parts won't be needed.

Refit 1/350 Officer's Lounge Replacement
- More accurate part that is based on Andy Proberts plans as well as the room seen in the Surak shuttle approach and departure.

Refit 1/350 Rec Deck
- False perspective replica of the Rec Deck seen in TMP which fits behind the rear windows on the saucers right hand side without any modification.

TOS 1/350 Deflector Dish Needle Metal Replacement
- This is an actual silver metal replacement part for the defector dish spike.

TOS 1/350 Deflector Dish Metal Replacement
- Copper metal replacement for the deflector dish of the TOS Enterprise

1/350 Fantastic Plastic Botany Bay Solar Panels
- Accurate replacement panels for the 1/350 TOS Botany Pay model made by Fantastic Plastic.

1/350 Fantastic Plastic Botany Bay Rear Greebles
- More accurate and detailed greebles for the rear engine part of Fantastic Plastics Botany Bay.

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Re: Detailed Replacement Parts for 1/350 TOS & Refit Enterprise
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2019, 07:38:14 pm »
very cool, I may have to get that rec deck and toss bridge, will the photoetch still work on the tos bridge?


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