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Author Topic: Important news about the future of the scifimodelaction forums  (Read 941 times)

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Important news about the future of the scifimodelaction forums
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:59:11 pm »
Hello to all of the members of the SFMA boards.

I want to share with you some important news about some changes that will happen to
this forum in the coming year of 2019. I have decided to close down these boards in their current format.
Unfortunately they have have become fairly out of date and due to the structure of the operating template,
there isn't anything that can be done to improve functionality or to support more modern tools for our members here
such as video uploading etc. Combined with the ever rising costs to continue operating an outdated system brings me
to conclude that it's time for a change. I'm currently in the process of building a new website that will be much more
secure, efficient and reliable. It will also have improved functionality and many added tools for our members to use.

Also, SFMA will become part of the overall community I've been operating called "The Model Shop" The new site will
be focused on most of the popular modeling genres such as automotive, military, figures etc and will not be aimed solely at Scifi subjects only although that category will continue to be quite popular there I'm sure.
All of the modeling subjects will have separate categories which users can easily navigate to.

To keep the operating costs down on my end, I'm looking at a possible two tier membership system on the new site.
The basic tier will include all of the usual functions that our members are used to having on this forum. That is the ability
to upload build threads and basic pictures and use the messaging system. The basic tier will remain free of charge for all members to use. The second tier will include extras, like uploading videos in an HD format, viewing videos and probably a video conference room available 24/7 for members wanting to video chat while building etc.

To use the second tier system there will be a small monthly fee, most likely $5.00 dollars a month or less.
I'm hoping to keep that as low as possible and yet cover the operating costs to make it work. I think in the end it will be a pretty good bargain for what we'll have there.

I should have the new site ready in the early months of the new year, 2019. I understand that there are ongoing build threads here being followed and so I want to allow time for those to be completed before the change. I'm hoping that I can transfer everything
over to the new site as an archive but I cannot guarantee that it will be fully successful. On that note with the time remaining, I suggest that any pictures of the models here that members want to save should be downloaded on your own and kept that way
as they will be permanently lost in the transfer if something goes wrong.

In closing I just want to say a big thanks to all of the members here for joining in the first place and for your continued activity and support of the community. Rest assured we are not going away but simply changing our address and they way we look just a bit.
I look forward to any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the change and lets all work to help make it as smooth as possible. More updates in the coming weeks.
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If It's a model kit, I like it already.


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