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Author Topic: Postimg.org upload site, changed the url to postimg.cc some time ago. Easy fix!  (Read 1388 times)

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I had previously been using postimg.org for free image uploads, however at some point over a year ago, or so the website seemed to go tits up as you say. Little did I know, that they simply changed the website domain from .org to .cc.

I have now worked to change (hopefully) all my image links on ScifiModelAction forum, so that the previously uploaded images shows up again. I only had to change the url from .org to .cc, and then the image would re-appear. :)

Btw. I've been using a variety of upload sites for some time:

postimg.cc (formerly postimg.org)

I have to do some investigation to find a free image upload website that doesn't compress/change huge png technical pixel drawings. I started working on a correction project for a 1:72 WW2 railway cannon, and I had to start drawing stuff on a nearly 10 000 pixel wide image. File size is small, but the huge size of the image makes imgbb.com change the size of the file automatically, so I have to look for some other website, OR, I would have to consider splitting the drawing up into four pieces.
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Good to know!


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