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Author Topic: 1/350 TOS, TAS, and Concept Shuttlecraft and 1/144 Tholian Kit  (Read 448 times)

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1/350 TOS, TAS, and Concept Shuttlecraft and 1/144 Tholian Kit
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:37:44 pm »
Below are pictures and links to the shuttles I'm offering on Shapeways for the 1/350 TOS Enterprise models. All of these are clear parts, perfect for replacing solid parts if youre lighting but not buying the official lighting kit. These are shuttles not available anywhere else, including ships featured in the Animated Series, and Jefferies concepts that never made it to screen. Shapeways will be raising prices on all models in January, so get in on these and all your other Shapeways orders while the old prices are still in effect.

1/350 TOS Shuttlecraft with Landing Gear - $8.50

Fully detailed Class F Shuttle with landing gear and an access hole in the belly for lights.

1/350 TOS Shuttlecraft with Open Door and Interior - $10.01

Fully detailed Class F Shuttle with landing gear. Comes in with an open access door and fully detailed interior. Two parts for easy painting and lighting.

1/350 TOS Jefferies Concept Shuttlecraft - $8.50

Matt Jefferies' original design for the shuttlecraft. Was considered too hard to build.

1/350 Jefferies Tug/Workbee - $8.00

Matt Jefferies' concept for a one person space utility vehicle.

1/350 TAS Aquashuttle - $8.49

Under water shuttle from the Animated episode "The Ambergris Element".

1/350 TAS Warp Shuttlecraft/Runabout - $9.50

Long Range Shuttle from the Animated episode "The Slaver Weapon".

Tholian TOS 1/144 Web Spinner Model Kit - $72.65

Incredibly accurate, 8 1/2 inch long scale model of the original Tholian ship from "The Tholian Web". Comes in 8 easy to assemble parts.

1/144 Tholian Webspinner Mesh Parts - $16.64

This set of six  triangles replicate the metal mesh pattern used in the original Tholian ship studio model.

1/350 Jupiter 2 Kit With Interior and Landing Gear - $27.02

1/350 Jupiter 2 with interior and room for lighting. Comes in 3 parts for the main body and 3 optional landing gear.

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Re: 1/350 TOS, TAS, and Concept Shuttlecraft and 1/144 Tholian Kit
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2019, 11:58:50 pm »
These look great!

Would you mind posting photos of the actual product instead of rendered images? I know I'd be much more likely to buy one when I get around to a 1/350 TOS if i can see what the actual product looks like!

Again, they look great and the price is right too!


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