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Author Topic: Well, my neighborhood hobbytown closed :(  (Read 357 times)

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Well, my neighborhood hobbytown closed :(
« on: January 31, 2019, 11:43:10 pm »
My neighborhood hobbytown closed up shop this week.  I was one of their first customers.   The owner and employees knew me by name.  Most of the builds I have posted on this site came from there, and nearly all of my builds had supplies and paint from them. 


I kindof knew this was coming.  Hobbico's going bankrupt really hurt them because they  relied on Hobbico as a distrubutor. I was in the shop late last year when someone came in to buy Estes rockets and the employee had to refer the customer to Hobby Lobby.  When I asked the employee about it, he was very frustrated and told me that with Hobbico gone they were having trouble keeping the shelves stocked.   Then in December the owner told me that the landlord was going to raise his rates substantially in January, beyond what he could afford. 

Three weeks ago when I went in to get some more paint, I saw the sign. The owner couldn't afford the new rent, and moving would have cost a couple thousand dollars, so he decided to liquidate whatever he had left after Christmas (and he had sold nearly all his inventory by then).

So I'm bummed.   At least there is another nice shop about 30 minutes away, and there is still a Hobby Lobby near me.

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Re: Well, my neighborhood hobbytown closed :(
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2019, 11:52:19 pm »
That sucks dude i'm sorry. We have a hobby town about 30 mins away from my house and I love walking around it. I can get everything in there on amazon (and sometimes cheaper), but sometimes its nice to be able to walk around and look at everything before buying. I always to make a point to buy a good portion of my supplies etc from the brick and mortar store.


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