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Author Topic: Warlock class cruiser from Babylon 5  (Read 26 times)

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Warlock class cruiser from Babylon 5
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:30:38 pm »
So since my Sulaco is more or less done, and i suffer from MMS (Multiple Models Syndrome :D ), i started work designing my next project, the Warlock class ship from Babylon 5. Some places call it a destroyer, others call it a heavy cruiser, so not sure what to go with.

Though it didnt feature in the main 5 season show, it was mentioned, and did later appear in one of the spin offs.

Design-wise, there are pieces of Omega in it, namely the rear section between the body and engine sections. Has the same style of side facing missile banks that the Omega had, which made life easy as i could re-use the parts i designed for my Omega, with just some resizing and minor tweaks. The engines also have some similar parts, so again saving me a little bit of work.

I also think it has a resemblance to the Sulaco from Aliens, with the sort of cowled front end, and the 4 big deflector panels around the engine section.

I'm drawing it to be printed at 800mm again like my Sulaco. The shelves on my bookcases are 800mm wide, so that was the governing factor. I've almost finished adding the detail that will be 3d printed, just have a few parts to do in the engine area. But there will be some details like piping/ducting and gun barrels that will need doing with styrene as always.

(btw, some details in the pic only appear on one side, thats because i generally only draw one side of anything thats symmetrical. When its detailed, i just copy, mirror, and paste it on for the other side)


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