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Author Topic: Popular Product Links (for building scale model kits)  (Read 5060 times)

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Popular Product Links (for building scale model kits)
« on: July 01, 2012, 02:04:19 am »
Here are some links for products and services which are available to enhance or modify your Science Fiction based Model Kit builds. There are many Star Trek focused sites listed here.


The links to services or products are for your interest only. I do not guarantee the services or products in any way. I have had a good experience in dealing with them all but use at your own discretion.

Tenacontrols. Custom circuit boards for LED lighting control and effects used on many Star Trek Ships
(specialize in the Enterprise Refit and 1701 A). Tenacontrols has a all in one board that has the navigation and strobe light circuit combined with the main deflector dish color change from amber to blue ramp up, a impulse engine slow to fast glow effect and the shuttle bay landing light sequencer. A separate photon torpedo firing effect board with sound is also available.
They also offer some other custom boards for other scifi genre model kits.

All the boards sold by Tenacontrols offer a 5 year warranty.

Link to Tenacontrols homepage: http://www.tenacontrols.com/

Altex Electronics. A place to find power supplies and other electronics for your projects. This link is for their switchable power supply which I use to power the lighting system on a lot of my builds.
Check it out here: www.altex.com/Velleman-Compact-Switching-Power-Supply-w-Selectable-Output-PSSMV1USA-P144571.aspx

Paragrafix Modeling Systems. A great company that makes highly detailed photo etched parts to add extra detail to your models. They feature many Star Trek specific kits.
Check them out here: www.paragrafix.biz/

Cult TV Man's Online Hobby Store. Another great place to find a lot of aftermarket parts, electronics, decals and more for your kit builds: www.culttvmanshop.com/

Don's Light and Magic or DLM. Don's has been around supporting the hobby for a long time. great parts for lighting, decals electronics and more: http://www.dlmparts.com/

Evans Lighting. A great source for lighting kits specifically designed for many Star Trek Models and other Sci Fi based kits: http://www.evanslighting.com/

StarFleet Models. You"ll find decals, parts and entire kits available here: http://www.starfleet-models.com/Decals/Genre/Star_Trek/Default.htm

Jt Graphic's. A great place for decal for Star Trek Kits. They have expanded decal sets for more detail of your kit vs the factory supplied set. They can also do custom work upon request.
Check them out here: http://www.jt-graphics.com/

Federation Models. More decals, parts and other accessories for your Trek model kits: http://www.federationmodels.com/

The Fiber Optic Store. A great place for your fiber optic needs. Reasonable prices and a wide selection:

Hobbylinc. A online hobby store with wholesale priced model kits. They also offer a wide variety of tools and accessories for the model building hobby: http://www.hobbylinc.com/

Micromark. A web based tool supply company with a wide variety of tools and accessories for the model builder:

Laserfire Creations. A place to find unique custom made plaques for your model projects. They can do standard or custom plaques made for backlighting. They offer many Star Trek and Star Wars related pieces but also customer designed pieces or requests. Check out their site here: http://www.laserfirecreations.com/

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