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Author Topic: Rules and Guidelines For Forums Use  (Read 4129 times)

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Rules and Guidelines For Forums Use
« on: February 23, 2013, 12:58:13 am »
Hello all,

As most of you know, the forums have been growing at a very exciting rate. We have now surpassed the 300 mark in total members.
This is in large part due to the user friendly environment we enjoy here and the genuine support and camaraderie shared by our members.
It is all of you collectively, that have made the effort a success.

We will continue to grow in both members and resources as long as that spirit continues and it is up to all of us to help to maintain it.

I have never been one that believes in a miles long list of rules and regulations. However, as we continue to grow, issues have arisen
which require some public clarification so that our members both new and veteran are aware that there are some basic guidelines for the
use of these forums. Below is a short list of those basic guidelines.

1. All are welcome to post on the boards. When you do post, please make sure to keep the posts free of any foul language.
   We are a board that is open to all ages and we must remember that there are words that our younger members may see and are
   inappropriate for their age group.

2. All members are expected to maintain a level of friendly exchange when commenting on another members work or thread.
   Constructive critiquing is fine and is often asked for by members seeking advice from others. However, going beyond that with negative   
   comments about the work or the member will not be allowed. You will be asked to cease and or banned from the boards if the activity
   were to continue.

3. Please make your best efforts to place your posts in the proper area on the boards. For example, if you want to post a thread related to
   your ongoing build of a model, that would go in our Members (WIP) work in progress section. If you have a modeling tip or tool   
   you have found, that would go in the tips and tools section etc, etc. I try to keep those topics in their appropriate areas so I may move
   some threads from time to time to keep it organized as best I can.

4. Vendors. A vendor is someone who is offering something or some service at cost to our members. As a rule it is common on most boards
    that vendors will announce or advertise their products and services which may be of interest to the group.
    It is asked that all post's by vendors announcing their products or services be placed in our model kit or product news section. Or in the
    trading post area. An exception may be for example if a member is searching for or asking about a related product or service in his thread.
    In that case, a post from a vendor to help the member out and inform is perfectly fine. Vendors are not allowed to "hijack" a thread with
    a sales pitch which was not invited to do so in this way.

5. Donations. Although there are many worthy causes for asking for donations related to many topics, they simply cannot be allowed
   on these boards. The board is primarily based on model kit building and asking for donations can and has caused issues in other
   communities which in turn led to misunderstandings and conflicts. It is not worth the risks involved to allow a similar situation here.
   There are plenty of other avenues available for those who are involved with organizing that type of effort.

6. We are all proud of our forum here at SFMA. As you know there are several other similar forums online which many of us frequent in
    our search for knowledge and info to help us out. If SFMA comes up on other boards in the course of conversation, I'm ok with it
    but I ask that we do not "troll" other boards in attempts to lure over members. I do not think it's in our interest to do so and we will
    continue to grow the way we have, by our good nature and the positive atmosphere we have here. The same holds true of other forums
    that are discussed here on our boards.

7. Important: By posting your build logs and or pictures on this site you are agreeing to allow SFMA to use and or distribute the logs and or
   pictures for use in SFMA related content such as our You Tube videos and on the SFMA Webcast show. Anyone who does not want to
   allow re share's of their logs or pictures must notify me via PM here at the site and I will respect your wish.

In closing I would ask that any member who has an issue with another member related to a post, bad behavior, make every effort to work it out. Talk it out privately via the personal messaging tool. If after that effort has been tried and if it is felt to be unresolved then please contact me via PM and I'll do my best to help out and resolve the issue. We must avoid airing the issues in front of others here and disrupting the normal activities here. Feel free to contact me anytime you have an issue or you feel there is a gray area which you are unsure of.

Your help and cooperation in all of this is greatly appreciated and again, thanks to all of you for your positive attitudes toward
each other and the support which is always shown for our members thoughts and projects.

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